Sunday, March 16, 2008

What can do the Democrats in?

While Barack and Hillary are debating as to who is going to answer that phone at 3 AM, McCain flies to the Middle East to visit ‘friendly’ (read ‘oil-rich’) countries there. So, could in-fighting among the Democrats will bury them?

I suggested to a friend of mine a month ago that Barack should agree to be Hillary’s VP candidate; he laughed at me. Barack better settle for it; otherwise, as my friend speculated, the ever-shrewd Republicans are going to dig up tons of dirt about Chicago southside-raised, liberal-Princeton-student-in-the-1970s Michelle Obama, and use that dirt to bury Barack. And, with our country in such an economic mess —the dollar at an all-time low against most major currencies, oil flirting at $110 a barrel, gold over $930 an ounce, housing and sub-prime mortgage meltdowns — the last thing we can afford is another four or eight years of Republican idiocy and ideology.

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