Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Why the Democrats could lose the Presidential election

Here are my reasons.
  1. McCain picks a right-wing, gun-toting, Bible-hugging, war-mongering, anti-abortion, pro-school prayer, National Rifle Association member woman as his running mate. Never mind McCain calls Sarah Palin the most popular governor in the U. S. Hey, what about the Governator of Kalifonia? Never mind that no one had heard of her two weeks ago; as a hockey Mom, she couldn't even manage an ice-hockey rink; she led a state with a population of about 600,000; and was the Mayor of town of fewer than 10,000 people. But wait, there is more: She has foreign relations experience because she lived close to Russia! Gimme a break! This is akin to a stupid Texan living in Brownsville claiming he can deal with the Russkies because he lives next door to Mexico!!
  2. Obama could have and should have picked Hillary to please women voters. Today, one of the polls reports many white women voters are favoring the McCain-Palin ticket.
  3. There are still many racists in our country that don’t like an African-American being elected as our President. In fact, a friend of mine in West Virginia recently told me that many Democrats in the Mountain State are not voting because they don’t like African-Americans. (I’m using a decent language; in West Virginia, as I am sure in other parts of our country, too, they still use the ‘N’ word.) All I can say is, “As a consequence, you deserve what you get, and you have no right to complain if you didn’t vote.” West Virginia is still paying a price for having voted for George Dubya in 2000. See my blog How dumb can a state be? below.
  4. Republicans are extremely shrewd and ruthless in digging dirt on Democratic candidates. Watch over the next ten weeks how that dirt will start piling up and may bury any hopes of a Democratic White House.

One of my very close friends said if the Republicans win the White House come November, he is moving to Canada. Something to ponder.

God Bless America and free us from right-wing, Red State, Republican radicals!

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