Saturday, June 04, 2016

The Hypocritical GOP SOBs: Are they reviving Fascism?

Ever since Donald the Duck Trump announced his candidacy and kept winning state primaries, many old- and new-school GOP members have been trying to distance themselves from the Orange Orangutan to avoid looking stupid. However, things are changing, thanks to the ignorance of the GOP. House Speaker Paul Ryan initially said he wasn't sure he would support Donald and has now changed his mind. John McCain, whom trump didn't call a war hero, is also now supporting the Duck.

Why are these Republicans being so moronic? If they didn't like Donny, who do you think they would have supported -- Bernie or Hillary? Come on, be honest and truthful: You GOP idiots are going to support a GOP candidate even he is a racist ape who hates women, African-Americans, Mexicans, and immigrants, granted comparing Trump to an ape is an insult to the primate. Hitler hated Jews, gypsies, gay people, and the disabled, and Mussolini had his own enemies--Jews and gypsies. This is called Fascism.

With millions of Americans supporting Trump (and eventually expected to vote for him come November), are we becoming a nation of closet Fascists?

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